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A Consequence

The dark side of love

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A Consequence - The dark side of love

May, 2021

Ever wonder?

Why do we FAIL in LOVE?

Why do we behave impulsively and commit mistakes?

Love is the most misinterpreted emotion of the 21st century, because we have known only the bright and magical side of it, but not the dark side. And thus the heartbreaks and love failures.

But in reality, love is a potion which can be both... an elixir and also a toxin.

Explore love as never before through this absorbing conversation between a grandmother and a Grandchild to explore the uncharted depths of love.

A Consequence―The dark side of love is a gripping tale about Dheeraj, a 24-year old self-centric and happy guy, who is suffering from the consequences of the dark side of love. His worried parents consult Dr. Rakshit Varma, a 49-year old psychologist, who has his own past. He has already announced his retirement but is taken by surprise knowing that the same incident that wrecked his life 25-years ago is repeating itself with Dheeraj. Will Dr. Rakshit Varma & the grandmother be able to save him from the dark side of love?


Martyrs of Tradition

April 2020

An interesting anthology of five different stories of 5 different women from different timelines ranging from the 19th century to the 21st century.

A Rock - Short Story

March, 2017

A short and beautiful tale about a guy sharing his experience of love with a group of fellow prisoners.


Gods are dying

February, 2018

Opening my eyes straight into the year 2050 was the strangest incident that had ever happened to me. Intense hunger was knocking me down. I cursed myself for not carrying any food with me. I had not eaten anything from past three days & I could now realise its importance. Indubitably food was the most needed.