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A loser maybe a failure… A loser maybe low on name & fame… A loser maybe earning less or nothing… But is a loser really nothing?

If you race and run against a Cheetah, you would lose… If you race and swim against an Orca, you would lose… If you race and fly against a Falcon, you would lose… And if all the three skilled beings race in any of the above three mediums, defeat of the two is certain!!

Implies, every being is born with a set of skills & excellence. But gauging him in a work that means nothing to him, has no meaning at all. A loser is not unskilled, a loser is not inefficient… He is just born into the world with right skills at the wrong time… It means that the world is not ready for it… But he still survives, as he doesn’t accept his defeat and instead names his failure as version 1.0

The gist here is, few talents have a great demand, few a less or none. If you are born with the skills that are in high demand at the time, you are the winner… But if you are born with the skills that have less or no demand, you are stamped A LOSER. It’s s all about the TIME you see, the judge that decides the winners & losers.

There are too many losers out there who are understanding their potential to fight & level of demand the world has for their skills. Gradually, they are trying to adapt to the skills that are demanded by the society, by separating their hearts & brains living in between the repulsive pains.

Being a winner, with great earnings, name & fame, it’s alright if we don’t encourage a loser or pull him up. But if we have a big mouth & arrogance as an add-on to barb the losers, that would be more than enough for the TIME to pull us down to where we have started… who knows? Time is a bitch which can change anytime… The demands & needs of millions may turn upside down in any tiny fraction of second.

#Never taunt the losers… as no one is unskilled here… as a A LOSER is always A WINNER in his own little world…


Every loser I met, I saw a fire within them. They have a game… and a game plan… but no ground… Dedicated to all the losers who are striving to be the winners… Bonne Chance!!

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