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A Mysterious Nameless Company

Since the day 1, there’s been a bio-company which always ensured my survival. It’s name has always been a mystery. But upon studying the company, I found that it was very different from the others in its taste or the methodology it adopted.

It has various departments with peculiar names like ‘The department of Heart’, ‘The department of lungs’, ‘The department of intestines’, ‘kidneys’, ‘eyes’ etc which works 24*7 for the survival & betterment of the company which in turn provides ME everything right from money to energy, which helps me in traveling to various corners of the world & enjoy the very beauty of this existence. There’s even a department by name, ‘Antibodies’ that recognizes the damage done to the company, analyzes & tackles it.

Adding to the strangeness, the ones, working in each department were not called humans, instead they were called cells. Strange isn’t it?

All the salary they needed was provided by the CEO of the company w. r. t his own profits. They had a different name for salary, ‘Food‘. Each and every cell from various departments take their share of food provided by the CEO. Sometimes more and sometimes insufficient, in order to survive and work hard to help the CEO and the company survive.

After sometime, the company was slowly degrading, as the CEO was occupied with various other works looking out greedily for different kind of profits. It made him neglect his nameless mysterious company which was the pillar to all his other profits. Thus, with the diversion of his concentration, the cells were left with more resources but no worthy commands from the CEO.

At the end, the cells had more energy and more food, but less amount of work which led to a huge difference between the input and output. Cells were idle. Eventually the departments turned sluggish and the company became lazy and couldn’t make any worthy decisions & movements!! The company started losing… & all the other profits went down… And eventually I became inactive, boring and ill on health.

But here’s the twist…

The CEO realized this ongoing loss before it was too late and started working & reviving his pillar company which has always been a root source of his every profit and started making various other profits.

Because before it was too late, I realized that I was the CEO of this mysterious nameless company and my biological body was the very company that the cells in each department have been working for…

They say there is a universe above us and a universe within us!! Working on ourselves either physically or psychologically would always amplify our rate of success.

Recognizing my existence and Realizing the universe within me and the significance of myself and my position, I took my first step towards a greater success!!

Now you know what’s the Name of my mysterious company. Don’t you?

—Nikhil @Exploracer

An idea can never be a result of only one person… Its always a sigma of the people (thoughts) we know.

Dedicated to:-

Sweta Varma (for enlightening me about the universe within)

Ganesh (for demonstrating the significance of life)

Priyanka Bhatt (for inspiring me to work physically on self improvement)

Kaushik Bharadwaj (for inspiring me to work psychologically on self improvement)

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