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An antidote I craved

An antidote

“Temme how does it feel being away from the person you love for a long time? You maybe a mother being away from your child or a child being away from your mother… You maybe a wife or a husband, a sister or a brother, a girlfriend or a boyfriend… Temme how does it feel being away from them?”

“Hmm… Painful…” They uttered. ..

“Exactly… Whether you accept it or not… Hmmm… LOVE IS A VIRUS… that, neither you would recognize, nor you would want to… It drops us into a zone of highest possible pain, that we never felt before. It’s a force similar to the gravitational pull of a black hole whose attraction pulls in, but never lets out. A Rubicon, A one way road to the slow death by a higher degree of misery. Retreating or recovering completely from such a virus is next to impossible… Hmmm… You know what? A person in love always holds a greater possibility of falling into the trap of depression.” I said.

“That’s true!!” Everyone muttered at a time.

“Keep loving a person and you keep on accumulating huge units of pain within you…” I continued. “The greater the time you hold your pain, the greater is the amount of love you hold towards someone.”

“What is an antidote for such an unrecognisable virus? How can we find a relief from such a deadly pain?” The way they asked was a proof of being victims.

“To our surprise, the antidote production unit is right within us, inside a small section of our brain. That antidote is called ‘Oxytocin’, usually known as the love hormone or the cuddle chemical which plays a ‘most significant role in the human behavior including sexual arousal, anxiety, trust, recognition, mother-child bonding’. Remember, it’s not a LUST hormone, but a LOVE hormone!! But just like a bullet within a gun needs a trigger, the Oxytocin within us needs a trigger too. Without being triggered, the chemical is neither produced nor released.” I spoke holding profound misery within me.

“Hence, just like the captain of the Dutchman’s heart is not with him but with his love, Calypso…” A person among the group said.

“similarly the cure or the trigger is not in our hands but with the person whom we love.” I added. “A warm hug, a lovely kiss, a caring talk, holding hands, constant presence, assurance of the relation, sex etc are the various antidote triggers which work only when triggered by the person who holds our love. Different persons choose different triggers according to the situation… Lovers may use sex, while a mother may use an embrace. A friend may use a caring talk while a sister may use a lovely kiss on a forehead. It changes with the situation… These antidotes fight against the virus, venting out tiny amounts of thick pain that we have been holding and accumulating inside by the passing of every moment thinking about them, without them around…”

Everyone were left in their thoughts.

“That moment of release of pain is when we experience the intense pleasure of love of loving someone…” I continued. “We feel a heavenly pleasure here, because we felt a hell like pain earlier… It’s like thirst and water. The thirst is the pain. The more the thirst, the more the pleasure we get when we drink the water… Isn’t it? Even a tiniest drop of water relives such a great amount of pain… Just like a small hug or a kiss filled of love relieves us from the strong pain…”

“Now take a moment to memorize, not that person whom you love, but that important person who loved you so much like he/she has never loved anyone before, but you failed in providing the trigger to the antidotes for their pain.” I said.

“One year? That’s fine… Two years? That’s fine… Three? Maybe not fine… Four? Definitely not fine… Five? Six? Seven? Eight?….. Try to imagine how much agony he/she has been holding inside since such a long time, yet still loves you…. Hmmm… With such an amount of love they become our family… because only a family (may it be a mother, father or siblings) can bear such an intense misery for their love towards each other… It requires a lot of sacrifice which we do without a second thought… True… We may have our reasons for denying the trigger… feeling uncomfortable, surrendering for the society, feeling shy, feeling unnecessary… Whatever might be the notions… Reasons never turn the time back to provide us a chance to alter a choice…” I spoke in profound emotion.

“People in love can make each other happy only through this magic chemical called oxytocin. By being together whenever required, by the simple actions of love that triggers it. Love has to be mutual right from the quality to the quantity… from the actions of love to the reactions. If not they fall into the trap of misery. I don’t think we can punish someone with such an intense pain for just holding an acute care and love upon us… Those people are to be cherished… They have to be relieved from the profound pain.” I said.

“Being inspired from the two great love stories…” I continued. “One of mine and the other of Earth and moon, I’ll never neglect the ones who love me… If I want to feel the epitome of love, I don’t turn my eyes UP for the Taj anymore, instead I look DOWN at the Earth which teaches me a better form and definition of love… If I want to feel the epitome of pain, I don’t look DOWN into the book of Romeo & Juliet anymore, instead I look UP at the moon. A moon which was separated from its love before billions of years and yet never Leaves the Earth but still revolves around it, waiting for that one moment of acceptance… waiting for that warm hug to neutralize its pain, Craving for an antidote…


This is just a part of my future novel by the title ‘THE GREEK GUY & THE LATIN LADY”


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