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Society – version 2.0

Centuries ago when individual living was a life danger, we tackled it by growing powerful, by forming a society. But there was not just one. There were many groups of individuals who formed their own societies and started growing powerful in parallel. As a society we built few rules and regulations under an anonymous leader which in turn were called customs & traditions which would then be followed by generations to maintain the identity & life of the society. It was all good for few centuries. But gradually few societies thrived to become superior than the others just like how individual people did before the birth of societies and started forming one.

A group of egoistic humans put together will become a larger egoistic human being but not god. And thus marked the beginning of the great power exhibition which in turn gave birth to the greater groups as Castes and Religions that would fight greater wars. #Never ending.

With this on board, many generations of happy and sad lives passed. We keep following them in an expectation to lead a safe & better quality life.


But what if the same power we build, becomes our biggest weakness now as an individual?

We now live in a time & place where society decides what should make us happy and what should make us sad. Our 21st century lives are extremely influenced by the norms which were framed thousands of years ago. The best example will be the norm to restrict woman to the kitchen and expecting them to behave as a slave to the husband.

Individuality had no place in the earlier generation of thoughts or ideas, because the power or the thought form of society served a greater purpose. Individuality was always secondary and since then we always worked towards making world a better place where we can gain our individuality back.

It was all good until the place was really life threatening. But today, the world has taken a different form all together. It is no longer as life threatening as it used to be or maybe the power itself has changed its form and we aren’t fighting the same battles what we fought centuries ago anymore. But did the customs and the traditions change? The problems that these traditions solved earlier are no longer prevailing in the society anymore. The age old problems are dead, but why are we still following the solutions with utmost intensity when there is no presence of such problems at all?

It is because sub-consciously, we people usually are common in certain aspects. Like Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. Mythologically speaking, they are called the seven deadly sins from every holy book. But the modern day demands for the addition of another one.


It is similar to a situation where we are born and bought up on earth. We have equipped its customs and traditions within our blood so deep that even when we were put on Mars the other day, we still tend to follow the customs and traditions of Earth. That would eventually kill us all. And that’s what has been happening in our day to day lives. The rise of depression, anxiety and many more psychological problems. Many old age customs and traditions of the present society are no longer life giving but instead life taking.

The Earth in itself, the technology which majorly influences the lives around, has seen a tremendous change in years. And it is time we change and update ourselves as well. Because if we don’t, this world will no longer be a home to us.

Resistance to change or update is another deadly sin which not just pulls us back but the future generations that we hold as well. While our kids are pulled from one side to be like what they want, they are pulled from another side to be how people used to be. While they are interested in being the way the world around them is moving, they are suppressed to be the way elder generation considers ideal. The back and forth moment is creating a lot of noise within them which is a major cause of wroth. Lack of interest towards what they are forced to do is a major cause of sloth. Not allowing them to possess what they always wanted to possess, is the major reason they envy others possessions. Three of the major deadly sins which we never wanted to commit, are being indirectly forced by us towards our children to commit them. How can we just allow it to happen?

It is high time to realise that it is not the caste, religion or old customs and traditions that we follow defines us as an individual. It is our interests, our thoughts and our actions as an individual that define us and our identity which will eventually aid in forming a better society. It is high time to understand that a good society is formed not when we exploit individuality or self esteem but when we respect individuality as much as we respect society and empower each other. It is when we respect the diversity, that is when we stop rooting for a superior feel.

Here I am, appealing to everyone! Let us break the shackles of the age old illogical traditions to experience a beautiful present, let us respectfully forget a good yesterday to see a brighter tomorrow. Let us come forward and break the shackles of caste and religion to identify ourselves as human beings to live the life the way we want. Let us put some light on the darkest phase of depression and step ahead into the bright happy world. Let us kill the age old rigid society which is suffering, to let the society step into its future.

Our parent generation tried but couldn’t move ahead. Let us all unite in making our lives better by building a better form of flexible society.

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Society is not or never bad. Society is us. It is bad when it stops updating itself to provide modern solutions to the modern problems. Let us join our hands together towards the better thoughts & actions to build a happy world.


___ Sai Nikhil Etikyala ___

(Reviving my blog)

Loading… Society – 2.0

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Thank you:

Sharda Negi

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