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Ever wondered “Why” and “How“?

I believe that different people “understand” different things in different levels, may it be a note or a quote… Reality or Morality… Notions or emotions…

Indubitably they are all the thoughts inside our brains. Now what might be a thought?

Metaphorically, a thought or an idea is a vibrating circular string sending out waves around, up to a certain radius, say ‘R’. Understanding any thought completely maybe a moot, but different people understand it at different levels as fractions of the radius say R/2, R/5, R/50 etc.

So dear readers, this is a thought about why a moment once gone is gone, why life is a journey and why You are a traveller. let me welcome you to a thought / idea of higher radius…

You, me and everyone are safely standing on the most happening planet of the solar system called Earth which is moving around the sun at the speed of 30 km/sec. Now, you embraced your lover within your arms at a particular time. You felt something strange but delightful. You wouldn’t forget that moment ever in your life. But it would never come back again. WHY?

When you felt ‘something’ while embracing him/her in your arms, it was not just the soft touch or that hard to leave feel or the cold skin or warm breath, it was even that specific position (your position in the space) at that specific time that effects.

Now imagine watching yourself from above the universe. So, you were at a particular point of space standing on the earth at a particular time. Do me a favor imagining there is no earth and mark that point in the space with a red color.

giphy (1).gif

The earth which left that red point, revolves around the sun and might come back to the same red point of space again to give you a similar strange & delightful feeling… Right?

Hell Noooo… The sun is not stationary. The sun along with its planets orbits the centre of the milky way galaxy at a speed 230 km/sec along with the billions & trillions of other stars just like earth orbits the sun. It now undeniably proves that the orbit of the planets are not circular but spiral revolving around the moving sun.


You may say that if the sun is revolving in a milky way, it should certainly at some point of time, end up at the same position of red point in the space where you embraced your lover & experienced a ‘once in life time’ magical moment. But for that to happen, even the earth revolving around the sun should have to be in the same position where you have marked. Apart from that you have to survive for 230 million terrestrial years to experience it again, as the revolution of the sun around the milky way takes an approximate of 230 million terrestrial years.

But let us assume you have survived. Then you got to realize that the galaxy itself is not stationary again. It is moving away from other galaxies across the universe at a rapid speed relatively varying from different perspectives with respect to the ‘expansion of the universe’.

You may again say that we can attain the marked position in infinite space during the contraction of the universe where the galaxies would be coming closer to each other again. But how certain can you be of the probability of the galaxy reaching the exact state, while it’s sun being at the same position, while the earth being in the same point when you are being in the same place on earth with the same girl/guy embracing her? It’s a tiniest fraction of possibility that can be ruled out. It’s even the time that never comes back. Time is linear moving in a single direction and you would be long dead not just once, but more than a billion number of times.

Hence the moment once gone, will never come back again… This drops us into a thought of how important each & every moment is & should be. How small is our duration of life on this huge timeline.

Hence, Life is a Journey.

It is now evident that everyone on this planet are travellers… travelling across the beautiful infinite universe . We are like the passengers sitting in a ‘Bus like Earth’ attached to a ‘Train like Sun’ loaded into a ‘Plane like Galaxy’ set on a thrilling universal infinite journey being just a tiniest part of it, towards a cosmic destination under the breathing of the universe as expansion & contraction. All you got to do is just sit, meditate in peace & concentrate to discover an immaterial window through which you can see & experience the secrets & wonders of the universe. Travelling is learning.

So my dear cosmic friends, Recognize every tiny costly moment around you by Realizing your richness before it is too late. …. do not forget to make every moment count…


A writer without a reader is nothing…

Dedicated to all my readers.

Coz a reader helps survive the writer.

I would like to specially thank:-

Sharda Negi

Kaushik Bharadwaj


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