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My Professional Journey


An Antidote 

July, 2017

This is a great place to showcase a sample of your written work or write a short description of your project. Did you collaborate on a print or multimedia project? If so, dazzle your visitors with images and video. Make sure to include a link to the full live project or document so readers can enjoy the entire piece.


Gods are Dying

February, 2018

Opening my eyes straight into the year 2050 was the strangest incident that had ever happened to me. Intense hunger was knocking me down. I cursed myself for not carrying any food with me. I had not eaten anything for the past three days & I could now realize its importance. Indubitably food was the most needed.


Over Parenting - Extension

February, 2020

An Extension to "Over Parenting" Article.


Society - Version 2.0

January, 2020

An article that will help you understand the roots of society and how we can collectively step into a future version of society.


Over Parenting

January, 2020

An eye-opening article on how exhausting over parenting would be. The negative impact it creates on the child and the history and reasons of helicopter parenting.

CHOICE 2_Original.jpg

A ROCK - short story

March, 2017

A short and beautiful tale about a guy sharing his experience of love with a group of fellow prisoners.


Martyrs of Tradition

April, 2020

An interesting anthology of five different stories of 5 different women from different timelines ranging from the 19th century to the 21st century.

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